March 8, 2019

5th Contest for Degree and Master Thesis on HCI

In order to promote activities related to R+D+i and the dissemination of Human-Computer Interaction from the
academic field, AIPO organizes the 5th Degree and Master Final Works on HCI Contest.

The works should be done in a Spanish or Latin American  university. Should be presented by students who have finished their Degree or Master’s studies during the academic year 2017-18 or 2018-19 (1st semester = before 28-02-2019). The may be writen in Spanish.

The works must be related to the Human-Computer Interaction, within the topics of interest defined in the Interacción 2019 conference.

A prize of 250 euros will be awarded to the best TFG and another prize of 350 euros to the best TFM. In both cases, the costs of registration to the Interacción 2019 conference will be covered. A second prize will be granted in both categories, TFG and TFM, which will cover the registration expenses for the conference. Both the winners and the runners-up will present their work in the Congress.

Deadline for submission: until May 3, 2019.

Press contest-tfg-tfm 2019 to consult the details of the call.