June 21, 2019

Guidelines for presentations

Please take your presentations on a pendrive and give them to the chairperson of your session so that they can be uploaded to the room’s computer before the session begins.

Presenters are not allowed to use their own computer to avoid wasting time in connections.

Maximum times assigned

  • Long Articles: presentation 20 ‘, discussion 5’
  • Short Articles: presentation 10 ‘, discussion 3’
  • Presentation of posters and demonstrations in the session reserved for them: 6 ‘, discussion at the end of the session
  • Research Groups presentations: 10 ‘, discussion at the end of the session
  • Awarded Grade and Master thesis: presentation 10 ‘, discussion 3’

Please respect the duration assigned to your presentation. The presidents of the sessions have been instructed to be strict with time and to avoid accumulating delays.

Presentation language

The program indicates the language in which each session will be held so that attendees know what to expect. Keep in mind that Interaction 2019 is an international conference that receives participants from countries that do not speak Spanish.

Therefore, as it was established in the different call of Interaction 2019, the presentations that are published entirely in ACM DL will be presented in English.